Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama's Disingenous Immigration Policy: Mr. President, Do You Really Think You Are Fooling US?

Mr. President,
Children do not migrate to our nation on their own. They follow their parents. Once here, they try the best they can to assimilate. Some communities, such as the one I live in, take a patient approach, accept them into their circles and encourage their success. Others don't. Either way, often these kids leave countries before they even know the language there. They have no friends or families in their country of origin and for all intents and purposes the USA is their home country.

Your administration, through the ICE and its legal counterparts, has destroyed more families, and children by over deportation than any that came before it. You promised to deliver on immigration reform, but you haven't. I understood you couldn't deliver the dream act, but there were other actions you could have taken to protect people who are here and have become the fabric of their communities. Instead, you deport, deport and deport more than anyone ever has.

Not only is this costing us thousands of dollars, but it is hurting our economy. I am not going to go through the arguments again tonight. I just wonder, why have you not used your offices to bring this humanitarian problem to a head.

Your Secretary of Homeland (in)Security has announced a deferred action plan that is wholly unsatisfactory and which most if not all students will be afraid to use pro actively. The pros and cons are laid out here. Do you really think this is supposed to convince us you delivered on your promise to pass a Dream Act and bring immigration reform? Do you really think you are fooling us?

So far, your administration has delivered a Health Care Plan that will not likely pass Constitutional muster, you delivered on Don't Ask Don't Tell, and you are fighting DOMA, OTOH our economy is still in the toilet, The war and Drugs and in Afghanistan both continue, and frankly you and Boehner can have as many golf matches as you'd like, you aren't going to get the House to do a thing.

Mr. President, Show us some gonads PLEASE! Grant a general amnesty to anyone who came to this country with a parent before turning 18, hasn't committed a felony, and who has either worked steadily at earning a degree, or has earned a degree or has become trained in a trade. Tell the so called conservative right (really a bigoted group of racist from a "Fair" (anything but) and their other hate groups to take a long walk, and warn Congress that you either get a real reform bill by a date certain or you will stop this inhumanity and grant DED (Deferred Enforced Departures)or TPS (Temporary Protection Status)like it was nobody's business and you will hold the US Congress accountable because they cannot come up with an acceptable plan.

Oh BTW as for an acceptable plan: Greater border enforcement, stronger penal penalties for employers who knowingly employ undocumented aliens, deportation of known FELONS, a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented aliens that does not require them to leave the country or get on the back of a line.

I'm waiting Mr. President, for you to really show some balls. I am waiting for a real leader, and mostly, I am waiting for you to keep your promises. I know Mitt won't but that does not mean we won't give him the same chance we gave you.

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