Sunday, November 14, 2004

Something fun to read

When That Lawyer Dude was just a boy I couldn't wait to find things to read about the law and lawyers. Unfortunately I found that most things written for lawyers were unintelligible to anyone of Jr. High or High School age. I was reduced to reading only about crime in the few paperbacks I could get written by lawyers. ( My favorite was "The Defense Never Rests" by F. Lee Bailey. I also read and reread "Inherit the Wind", and " To Kill a Mocking Bird" quite a few times. ( I seem to remember reading "1L" by Scott Turow but I think I was in colleges by then. Times it seems have changed.

I have been having fun thumbing through this months edition of "Legal Affairs magazine ." A publication of Yale Law School that is written for non lawyers and lawyers alike. Now I would not suggest that everything written there will be of interest to everyone... However if you are seriously thinking about law and such it is very much worth the read.

The articles contained there ( some of which we will be "blogging" about here) are not as difficult to understand as reading a law review. It is more like reading a copy of Newsweek or Time only the whole magazine is written about legal subjects and the legal system and it is written on a far higher level (such as High School, a good one however.)

The articles I thought interesting included a Canadian court recognizing the need to provide support to the spouse who was given custody of the family dog ( a very big and hungry dog.) Their was a ( kinda/sorta) tribute to the Magna Carta, a piece on Reverend Jerry valueless new Christian Law School as well as other topics that could be used to spark an intelligent discussion or debate at home if people choose.

For those interest in Criminal issues there were stories about the new Gun Courts springing up in NYC, Re-entry of sex offenders into the community); on the use of the allegory "Fire" in Supreme Court; and on the scourge that is destroying the Midwest Crystal Meth (metamphetamine) and how some southern sheriff wants to ban the sale of allergy and cold medications because they can utilize in making the drug product (for more on that visit our sister blog: LI (criminal) Trial Law here at

I will not lie and tell you the copy is cheap, one issue runs almost nine dollars, but it is erudite and understandable at the same time.

Till next time, get a copy of Legal Affairs and see what YOU THINK.
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