Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some notes from the Blogspere

While watching the NY Jets break my heart yet again this week,I took a trip around my Blawg roll and found these tidbits for you all:

C-net news has a must read on internet scams here Thanks to our friends at Cyber Crime Law blog for the link. <>

For those of you who believe in the reliability of Breath testing devices our friends at Dwi Blog gives us the best information on how dieting can cause an increase in the breath test of over .06 that is NOT alcohol level. That is to say, that radical dieting ( like the Atkins diet) that causes acetone jump, can cause a breath alcohol test to be off  over estimated by more than .06 bac.  Maybe America needs to start questioning the power that be a little more and questioning the junk science we are constantly urged to invest in. Read more here <>

Bloggers have been sending personal stories from the hurricane stricken gulf.  Ernie the attorney is one of my favorites. Check out his reports by clicking here

That Lawyer Dude hates viruses especially those caught on the internet.  As a result of this post <> I have changed my browser and boy is it an exciting change. I really like the Opera 8.5 browser and can’t wait to figure out how to use it to its fullest. It appears really powerful. Try it!

Now for those of you have been critical of That Lawyer Dude’s complaining about our shrinking rights under the “war on terror” here < >is a ridiculous ruling from a Circuit court.  I am not offended by the language suggested here, moreover the TSA should have let the guy go through the screening mechanism a second time when he thought the man’s watch set off the machine the first time. Nevertheless the 6th Circuit US Court of Appeals proves what old Ben Franklin has to say “A nation that sacrifices freedom for security gets not the latter and deserves not the former”.
Update:  Turns out the appellant was Pro Se (represented himself) which reminds me of Abe Lincoln’s advice “a man who has himself as a lawyer has a fool for a client.”  

When the prosecution wins, the government says it is because of their talent and the quality of their evidence. When the defense wins the government says it’s because the jury watches too much TV! Check out this article on the White Collar Crime Professor’s blog <>

Well that is what I found interesting in this weekends blogs. If you have something you want me to read or if you found any of this helpful, leave us a message here or at

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