Sunday, January 15, 2006

That Lawyer Dude Learns a New Skill: Check Out Our New Blog Roll

I finally figured out how to add a Blogroll to my site. I know that most of you think that "after 2 years it shoulda happened long ago" but I feel like this is one of the biggest accomplishments I have achieved since my first felony trial!! Technophobe no longer!

Anyway the Blogroll on the right is made up of some of my favorite legal and political sites. It is not a call to all the sites that I read, but it does link to the sites that I think laymen and lawyers can both use. You should check them out.

I will be adding links to my other blog Long Island (criminal)Trial Law in the near future (maybe later today) if for no other reason than to continue to show off my new skill. Lawyers and law students will find most of these blawgs listed there too. There will also be some of the more technical legal stuff there, as well as links to sites that link or provide primary sources (such as decisions, briefs, and motions.)

I hope to have The Positive Review, our non-legal blog back up before February 1st.
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