Sunday, July 09, 2006

The House of Representatives is Wrong on Immigration

The House of Representatives is Wrong on Immigration

The House and the Senate will be be taking on the immigration issue and trying to compromise the two very different versions they have passed. After listening to House Republican leaders, we have a better chance of compromising the Israeli-Palestinian conflict between the Menachem Begin and Yasser Arafat...and they are DEAD!!!

If I hear one more House member tell me, that they are not anti-immigration nor anti-immigrant one more time, I might throw up. The House will not talk about a guest worker program until we "succeed in securing the border". How about securing the nation first, then the border, then we can talk some more. We have 3 Million people for whom we cannot account. Why doesn't that bother these Bozos. Opposing any immigration is the one thing that will get them re-elected in their gerrymandered districts. It is not a position of leadership. The Senators are not going to agree to that, unless the President takes the heat. Problem is, the President is actually leading by not agreeing to the House's garbage. He understands that he governs a nation, not a sure thing district in West Podunk. He is a lame duck and can secure a positive place in history by not blowing this opportunity to stem the flow of illegal immigration, while securing the safety of our nation.

The House's position is pure hyperbole. We can in fact secure the borders, punish people who cheated on coming in and against those that hire them, increase our Homeland Security and still not destroy the economy of our biggest cities or the hopes and dreams of millions of our own citizens... the people who love these other people.

We do not have to just punish and throw out people who, though they cheated to get in here, have become part of the fabric of our community. They are coaching our kids in Soccer, forming relationships with citizens, cleaning our offices, running businesses. They are Parents, and bothers, and sisters, and grandparents, of Marines fighting for our country, and kids who are playing with ours husbands and wives to our children.

They hope against all hope that American politicians who have booted the Immigration issue for years, and who made it both necessary and possible for the present illegal immigration situation will rise to the occasion. They will be sadly disappointed, Leadership seems beyond most members of Congress. I made the case for the Senate bill here. The homeland security issue alone should be enough for the House to support it.

As long as these "futile" feudal House princes (That Lawyer Dude being "punny") insist it is "their way or the highway", there is not going to be a compromise that will fly in the Senate. They deserve to be punished at the ballot box, but they will not be. The Republican Senate however may be.

In states where the Republicans have candidates for the senate this year, the pro immigration lobby needs to have the same intensity they had as the Senate considered the bill back in the spring. Let people know, and remember, what it means if all the illegals go home at once. Who knows maybe it will effect some republican House memebers too.

Now lest you think I am advocating overthrow of the Republican Senate majority or the Republican House majority, I am not. I am saying that the Republican leadership in the House is not leading and they need to pay for that with a defiant Senate opposition and a smaller advantage in their house. I do not usually vote on one issue. Even I may make an exception this year. Not because the immigration bill is the most important issue to me, but because the House Republican Leadership needs to learn a lesson about being smug. For the sake of the Republican party and the nation, they better hope that people like me do not feel the same way in two years.
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