Saturday, August 26, 2006

The O. J. Simpson Verdict: The Jury Got It Right

Over at Patterico's Pontifications (a really good blog. I would love to know how its author keeps up with while he works as an Assistant District Attorney in a big city)Patterico has been blogging his remembrance of the OJ Simpson trial.

I added a comment and felt I owed it to you guys to post my thoughts here. I am the 52nd note over there but feel free to chime in here or there with your thoughts.:

Given the number of posts and the days since this post went up, I doubt anyone but Mrs. P will even read this.

I was a commentator for Fox in NY as well as other media outlets for the trial. I watched it gavel to gavel. I was one of four national commentators (according to Newsday)to "call" the correct verdict the morning it was to be announced.

It was a long time ago but I agree that venue made the defense job easier. The case was not the white v. Black thing it became after the verdict however. That happened as the case went on.

The problem from the beginning of the case has been outlined by many of the writers above. That the jury may have been more likely to believe police misconduct happened is not dispositive. "The Glove" had an effect on these jurors not on the commentators.
What really sealed it however was the evidence that the LA Police wanted to be sure to get this guy that they would lie and cover up lies to do it.

Jury nullification didn't play a role in the case, the jury didn't think he did it but nullified because of the misconduct. It didn't know and couldn't intelligently decide if he did it because of the obvious police misconduct.

One other point on jury nullification. It would have been appropriate here. The police and the District attorney not only work on behalf of the People of the State, they represent what these people stand for. When police or prosecutors (by the way I believe Clark and Darden for all the BS in this case were talented lawyers doing a good job against other exceptionally talented lawyers, I do not think they lost their case, I think they were beaten by their own witnesses and a top notch crew of attorneys)play the games and lie and fabricate evidence the way the LA Police did in this case, the jury has every right to say whoa this offends our sense of justice and we are not going to stand for it. While I firmly believe that the jury here didn't do this, it could have and it would have received no fault from me.
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