Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nancy Reagan Tries To Honor The Gipper... Right Medicine, Wrong Dose

I worked in three campaigns for President Ronald Reagan. I had the chance to meet him once in New Hampshire in the '80 campaign. I was already a Conservative when I worked for President Reagan. Coming of age under him, was however an unbelievable experience. His belief in our Nation and our way of life and our people was so very strong. He focused on what was right about our country. He was fearless. The First Lady was the perfect First Lady. She was elegant and well spoken. Most of all she was fiercely loyal to her husband, and she did him proud in public and in private. I wish President Reagan had stayed well till the end of his life. Our nation lost a tremendous Statesman when he quietly succumbed to Alzheimer's disease.

There is a tough campaign for senate going on in Virginia. One of President Reagan's former administration members (Former Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb) has changed party affiliation and is running against a Reagan loyalist Senator George Allen.

Webb has an old video of the late President praising Webb and his war record. Webb was a hero in Vietnam. He loved the Navy and he was very protective of it. He so loved the Navy he retired as Secretary of the Navy rather than allow others to dismantle it piece by piece.

Allen's campaign complained to, probably Ed Meese... (by far the one guy I didn't like around the President but he loved him so...) and Messe, as Mrs. Reagan's lawyer wrote to Webb saying that Mrs. Reagan opposed his use of the President Reagan's image to support a campaign of a democrat. He said it might even be illegal (it's not, but being wrong about legal issues was something Messe was good at.)

Some (like Allen) say that Webb abandoned the President. He has "no right" to use the images. I do not see it that way, but it doesn't matter. I don't know if President Reagan would support the Webb candidacy against one of his favorite senators. I do know that the President would never walk away from his praise of Webb's military service. If I had to guess, the President would have been out campaigning for the Republican candidate and what he stands for, while never denigrating the contribution Webb made to his country.

Mrs. Reagan, campaign for George Allen. Don't however continue to call on Webb to walk away from the President or his memories of him. I have no doubt that the image Webb plays of President Reagan praising his war contributions was one of, if not, the proudest days of Webb's life. He earned the praise President Reagan gave him, and he has a right to let others know of it. Your support of Allen is fine. Do it in a way that honors President Reagan's memory.

One more thing while I am thinking of it, Mrs. Reagan. Get a new lawyer, may be one who knows the law.
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