Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Christian Conservative" hypocrites Howl About Saulito Arrelano's Trip to Mexico: 7 Year old Shames Us When He Puts a Face On the Immigration Problem

Second grader fights to stay in America with his illegal immigrant Mother.
Oh how I love to hear the neo-conservatives and the Christian Right howl when they get hoisted on their own petard. There is a lady living in a Chicago Church. She is guilty of illegally coming into the USA, not once, but twice. She has a child born here. He is seven (7) now. He just went to Mexico to ask the government there to lobby President Bush not to send his mom back to Mexico. Now these "conservative" pundits are angry because the kid is getting sympathy for his cause. They accuse his mom and her sympathizers of (get this)"making the kid a political pawn." What a joke. These people have no shame.

First the kid is no political pawn. He has a vested interest in wanting to grow up in the country in which he is a citizen. He also, it seems ought to have a right to live with his mother the way most kids do. It may not be a Constitutional right, but morally it seems like it should be.

Second, Remember Elian Gonzolez the kid whose mom wanted him to leave Cuba and come to the USA so badly she drowned trying to get him here. Then conservatives used the kid to try to embarrass Clinton and crew? If we weren't using him (and we weren't) then pro immigration forces are not "using" this boy.

Third, every time "conservatives" want to pass some half baked piece of anti-crime or anti-civil rights legislation, they attach a dead child's name to the legislation, parade their grieving families infront of the TV Camera's, and make it impossible for legislators to vote against the bill because it would be seen as a vote against the crime victim whose name the bill carries (Megan's law for example.)

What gets me, is that if this mother had threatened to abort this kid if sent back to Mexico, these same morons would have called for her to be detained and tried to force her to have the baby, just to then deport them. "Have your kid, then raise him in poverty and squalor, so he can grow up with the same lack of opportunity you had." Now that's everymother's dream.

I hear there is a move on to try to convince courts that the children of Illegals are themselves Illegal. That's not what I learned in civics class. The Constitution seems really clear on that:
"all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States."

Of course these guys forget all about strict construction when it doesn't suit them.

Here is the REAL CONSERVATIVE position on Immigration reform. Too bad for the Republicans, the Democrats will get to take credit for passing it.

Oh, and for all you Republicans who ran on your "anti-immigration pro-fence record", hoping that it would get people out to vote for you based on the immigration issue; it worked for me. I voted for a Democrat for Congress for the first time in 25 years. I'm glad you guys lost. I hope you learn from it and get back to representing the majority of Americans and not the cranky few who make all the freaking noise. You know Nixon was far from perfect, but he was right about a silent majority. I think you guys heard them last week... They weren't happy.
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