Saturday, January 13, 2007

Justice Department Doesn't Need More Money, It Needs To Get It's Priorities Straight: That Lawyer Dude's Solution To Justice's Staffing Problem

Seems that budget problems in Washington D.C. are creating a hiring freeze of sort at the big three Law-enforcement agencies; The FBI, The DEA and ATFE (formerly ATF the guys that brought us WACO.) According to the Beltway Brains, the failure to increase the budget on these agencies is costing us in the crucial areas of fighting violent crime and terrorism. Their answer of course is to pass a spending bill that increases the budgets for these agencies instead of stop-gap spending bills that create an inability to plan and hire more "troops." Well far be it from me to suggest that Congress shouldn't do its job and pass a budget. As for increasing the budget for the Justice Department to squander... well lets just say I have a better idea.

How about we scale back the DOJ budget and get the Justice Department to stop trying to enforce laws that the states should be enforcing? Additionally, how about we stop using federal funds to look into things that are the pet peeves of the political elite... like say Pornography? Yeah, lets take the Forty or so agents (and their staffs) whose job it is to scour the internet for porn (not child porn mind you but adult porn) to look at dirty movies and put them to work fighting Al Qaeda? In fact we can use the porn tapes they've been buying to torture the Al Qaeda operatives we capture. Instead of Water-boarding, they have to watch Mary Carey movies until they break. Sure it's cruel, but then again, think of how much we will save on the cellophane. After all the movies are reusable. Believe it or not, after watching the porn, the agents need psychological help which our government then has to provide.

The Justice Department's budget is OUT OF CONTROL because the Neo-conservatives have a basic misunderstanding of the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution. (They need to read this and study these.) Unfortunately, so do democrats and liberals. Hence the Democrat Senator Barbra Mikulski (who chairs a panel that oversees funding of the Justice Department) is saying stupid things like
"Without a budget in place, "the FBI and DOJ will not be able to maintain the operations tempo they've achieved since Sept. 11."
Instead of saying smart things like:
"Without a change in priorities the FBI and DOJ will not be able to maintain the operations tempo in fighting Terror and Violence that they achieved since 9-11."
Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Hey Barbra, instead of telling me how much money the Justice Department should get; first you do that "oversight thing" your supposed to do and find out what DOJ uses the money they are getting for, and then after evaluating that, you decide how much they should get for their next go around.

We cannot afford to keep looking to Washington DC to fight every battle that someone thinks needs to be fought. If people in Pittsburgh think porn is a bad thing and should be fought, let them pay for that privilege. In NYC we have bigger things to worry about. Porn is not even on the first fifty pages of the list. Al Queda doesn't even know Pittsburgh exists. I wish I could say the same about Manhattan.
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