Friday, October 03, 2008

In The News: What People In Law Are Talking About

Ok everybody is talking about the Biden/Palin that doesn't make it "legalcentric".

Here is what my friends and I have been talking about in court, on Twitter and over the Internet:

1. Computer Crimes:

A young hacker got busted in Canada, made bail and was met at the prison door by the USA FBI. He is being arraigned tomorrow in the Southern District of NY Federal District Court.

in an unrelated case,
A CTO of a local Syosset company was arrested and charged with stealing 40K worth of equiptment from his former bosses when he refused to return the items after being fired. Why do I think this is going to be a "The said this stuff was mine" defense?

2. Law Practice Management

As the economy tightens so do payments to lawyers. Trying to collect a fee lately has been like trying to get the pearl from a clam...
This story talks about what Lawyers need to know about collections of their fees.

TIP: Get more up front. It may be the last time you see anything.

A good friend and business consultant, Andrea Cannavina has an article in this month's American Bar Association Publication Law Practice Management Sections: Law Practice Today. It is about working with a virtual assistant. I have to say that Andrea's work and that of her firm is excellent and I am truly amazed at the turn around and the excellent work. It also saves a lot of money and it can organize you.

3. SCOTUS Developments:

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Is about to go back into session. The First Monday of October has been the traditional start of the Scotus term. They will have a lot of things to rule on if I am hearing things correctly.

Seems the judges decided not to rehear the Kennedy Case which would have permitted the execution of someone who committed child rape. The Court heard and decided this case last term but right after the decision in late May 'O8. The court noted the nationwide cryout that the military has such a penalty, and ordered a briefing schedule. After seeing the briefs, the Justices decided not to pursue the issue any further and turned down the states' request for further argument.

It also however agreed to hear Seven criminal cases in this term. For a fuller story and a list of the Seven cases, here is the website link.

Have fun everyone, See you soon.
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