Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tony(c) Award for Best PD Blog :Gideon at A Public Defender

Being a Public Defender (and in that I am also including members of the Legal Aid Society) is difficult work. Usually thankless work they get the hardest of the cases & clients. Public Defenders have the worst working conditions, carrying big case loads and the pay is... well modest would probably be a pay raise for most. Given those realities, that someone takes the time to blog is in and of itself a wonder. That a PD takes the time to put together a blog as well done as the one I honor is amazing.

Although I don't always agree with Gideon, He is without a doubt the best PD Blogger I have read this year. Gideon can be biting, is usually witty, and often controversial. In addition, he is unabashedly pro public defense and more importantly pro public defender. In fact he chooses to honor his colleagues in two ways. One he has named his blog "A Public Defender" two is that he remains anonymous. His name is not attached to the blog. Any PD could be authoring this blog, at least any Connecticut Attorney

Now earlier this year we had a disagreement over how I value PD work. I do not wish to rehash the argument. I do think however that if all lawyers much less PD's brought Gideon's attitude to the office, there would be far less unhappy clients in the world.

It is my pleasure to award a Tony(c) Award to "A Public Defender" and its author, the anonymous Gideon.
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