Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Fun Stuff for a Sunday Night: Funny Animation of The Carl Paladino Campaign and a Review of Innocent by Scott Turow

Hello all,
I have found a few light fun things to tell you about. If you have some time you might want to look into them.

First Al Nye the Lawyer Guy reviews the new Turow Mystery Innocent which takes up where Presumed Innocent left off, kind of. It is the story of Rusty Sabich a Chicago Judge who had been acquitted years ago (in the first book) of Murder, now being tried again by his old nemesis Tommy Molto for the murder of his wife... who has her own past if you remember book number one. Sabich is represented again by Sandy Stern and the book stings me knowing that Raul Julia will not be here to play that part again in another movie. Anyway, I won't give it away. Go over to see Al's opinion and order the book.

Second: I have been troubled from the start about Carl Paladino's run for Governor of NY. I wanted to like the guy who seemed kind of self made and a little unpolished. However the guy just has a part of him that makes him unbalanced. I talked to guys who know him and they like him, but I just can't help feeling he's like my friend George, a great guy to have a beer and a laugh with but not Gubernatorial material. Now I don't like Andy Cuomo for Governor either. I think he is heads and tails more qualified than Paladino is, but he is just way too liberal for me. I am going to vote Libertarian and vote for Warren Redlich. One thing about Warren, he seems to understand that you cannot cut taxes unless you cut services and waste. He has a plan to do that and so I am looking forward to the debate tomorrow night at Hofstra University

In the meantime I saw this and thought it was hysterically funny. It is the Taiwanese News bureau's cartoon take on Paladino. Shut down the sound and read the subtitles. It is about a two minutes long.
And that is it for now. Enjoy.
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