Monday, May 02, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Osama Bin Laden Killed by American Operatives in Pakistan: Other News of the Weekend.

Tonight the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (POTUS) announced that the CIA in co-ordination with the Pakistani Government located and killed OSAMA BIN LADEN Public Enemy number one (here and abroad.) That news is important and it is welcomed. I cannot say I am disappointed in anything other than the time it took to find him. May he never rest a day in eternity. I hope those 76 Virgin(ian)s he thought he would get are kicking the crap out of him right now in Hell. Congratulations to President Obama, Leon Panetta and the countless agents of the FBI CIA and of course of armed forces who have worked in hopes of this announcement, for bringing this terrorist to justice. No, it doesn't bring back our loved ones and it will never erase the misery of 9/11 or the days that followed it, but it does provide a sense of closure.

As for other News I found interesting, all of it pales in face of the news above. Just in case however you want to know what I thought was otherwise interesting, here are a couple of articles I wanted to write about:

I was going to use the blog tonight to talk about the futility of charging a nine year old child with murder for shaking a baby and how we need to separate the emotion of the parents losing an infant from the need to avenge a death with the "death" of another child when that child does something horrible.

I was also going to talk about the need for an "Expungement" Statute in NY given the fact that people arrested and convicted for even minor crimes can not get jobs anymore because of the Internet's ability to derail their job search with convictions. I was going to point to an article in the NY Times (semi subscription) which points out that people who have paid their debt to society long ago still cannot get work because of small or substantial indiscretion decades before.
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