Monday, March 23, 2015

Justice Delayed, Justice Not Served: State of Arizona v. Milke Finally dismissed. After 22 years on Death Row.

A perjurious lying cop (and a sex pervert) and a prosecution by omission. A SCATHING judicial opinion by one of America's most conservative judges and appellate panels and a wasted life. GOD DAMN IT just because they are cops DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM!!! Guys like Detective Armando Saldate are a pox on the soul of American justice. The Maricopa County (AZ) Prosecutors office is and has been a stain on the criminal justice system for 30 or more years.Many Judges have no guts when it comes to disbelieving cops. (Especially when their reelections depend o PBA endorsements). 

Twenty two years ago, the State of Arizona put a young mom on trial for killing her child. Not a single piece of physical evidence linked her to the killing. Only an oral confession to a cop not recorded and not true. She denied making the confession. Not taking it back, NEVER making it!! The actual killers denied her involvement, worse yet the prosecutor knew his cop the one who took the confession was a liar and sex perv who had used his badge to take advantage of a woman once. That he had lied to supervisors and under oath numerous (NUMEROUS) times. Nevertheless they tenaciously sought to kill this young mother. The never told anyone of the detective's (one Armando Saldate)penchant for lying under oath. Not the trial judge, not the jury and certainly not the defense. The case is an abomination.
Well today the case was finally dismissed. Finally.  

Wanna know the SECOND worst part of this? Even though the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recommended charges against Saldate and others, NO ONE WILL BE PROSECUTED!!! NO ONE!!!! Can anyone say special prosecutor? Thank God for the Civil Rights statute and for the lawyers who will go after the money to give this woman a life at 47 but still what a waste of life, money and good will. Could you imagine being one of the jurors who believed that man and believed the prosecutor and now realizes that they sent a woman to her death??? Wanna know why the Pope is against the Death Penalty? Because only God should make the decision as to who lives and who dies. She waited 22 years for today. What a waste.
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