Friday, February 10, 2006

A Quick Spin Around The Blogsphere

Here are a few things I have been reading about:

Seems an unreasonable judge and District Attorney have forced a criminal defense attorney in Grosse Pointe Michigan to go to jail to protect his client. Assuming there is not a lot more to this, it is the judge here who ought to be disiplined. One week for discovery? Come on Judge get a grip.
Hattip to the New York Attorney Malpractice blog.

Teen girls are doing drugs and drinking alcohol at a greater rate than the boys are. I will be blogging about this story in a day or two but read the story now. I have always said it is easier to be the Father of boys. I have two. I have been representing a lot of girls lately though and the psychological issues are amazing. More to come on this.

This could be part of a very interesting defense for Scooter Libby. I wonder if the approval included Justice Department involvement. Read about the latest twist in this case here

Attention Treo users: See this post at I Heart Tech.

The first DNA case on Long Island came from a murder in Valley Stream. The home where the murder took place is now for sale. Seems everybody is happy about it. An amazing case, a circus like trial, and a horrible death see this article

Now this is the correct response to racism. Love and friendship are so often the answer.

If you live and die by your Blackberry (That Lawyer Dude is apopelextic at the thought of losing his)you should see this post from Law Tech Guru.

Ok I have lots more but I have to get to a lecture so check these out for now. For my NY friends I am so happy to be in South Carolina this weekend. Enjoy the snow.
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