Tuesday, April 11, 2006

HOW COOL IS THIS... For me at least

I don't get a whole lot of links or comments which sometimes leads me to believe noone but my mom and wife are reading this blog. I know some of you tell me you see it now and again and I seem to have a few really loyal readers (and I really appreciate you guys!!) But every so often I get really ranting on a topic and sometimes people take notice. Bloggers live for trackbacks and links and I got a really big one today from David Hull over at "What about Clients".

David's blog is more oriented toward business lawyers but there is a lot of things that focus on client service for individual and small business clients and I have been reading it often over the past 2 weeks. He had a few posts about the billable hour and how it doesn't serve clients and how general counsel don't really like it. He talked about how it drives a wedge between lawyer and client. I guess running my own firm and realizing how flat fees and "bonus pay" really screws over the individual client (even though they often do not know it)I had a few ideas on how General Counsel can if they show some initiative can really score good results for reasonable rates even using a billable hour system.

If all this leaves you in the dust don't sweat it (really mom it's no big deal)but the end shot was a big time link to That Lawyer Dude which tickles me (and my wife AND my mom) to no end. So thanks to David Hull and "What about Clients" and to all the other blawgers that link to us here and at Long Island (Criminal) Trial Law.
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