Friday, April 14, 2006

This Is Why I Belong To The ACLU: 1.2 Million Dollar Settlement in Goose Creek Police Drug Raid On High School

My friends and family give me a lot of grief over my decision to join and participate in the ACLU and its local NYCLU Chapter. I don't always agree with their case choice decisions and I am not sure that their agenda is a little more political than I would like it to be. However, the above story however is why I do it. If you don't remember the disgusting facts about this gun drawn/drug dog sniffing drug raid at a local High School, go here for the pictures and videos, and here for the original story.
I think kids going to school in the morning need to be free of people selling drugs in their school. However I think a stormtrooper style raid is probably worse. More importantly, they didn't find any drugs!

If the ACLU doesn't get involved, it is hard to find a lawyer in those parts with the wear-withal to sustain the case, deal with all the plaintiffs and fund the suit. Not to mention I get the feeling Goose Creek SC, doesn't have a large legal community.

Hopefully the settlement will give other police forces pause before they act on tips by staging storm-trooper style raids on High Schools. Sorry but I have no problem with this result. One should not be drawing guns and have a dog rip at a child's school bag in a high school unless one's life is in danger. That does not seem to be the situation here.

I will be sending in my ACLU renewal fee shortly.
Hat tip to CC Happens. for the information and a lot of the links.(Watch out this group blog is definitely rated PG-15.)
By the way you can access the Police department website by following this link.
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