Friday, February 16, 2007

Dean Arron Twerski Resigns as Dean of Hofstra University School of Law: Dean Cites Health Concerns

Aaron Twerski has been Dean of Hofstra University School of Law for two years. He has been part of Hofstra Law's family for far longer. He served as an Intrim Dean, and as a full fledge Dean. He was there at or near the beginning and after a move to Brooklyn Law School (for family reasons more than anything)he returned to Hofstra to begin to rebuild the school after a couple of disasterous years that saw the school move into the lower tier of the US News & World Report rankings.

Since his return, Hofstra has been back on track: Expanding the faculty, strengthening the curriculum and getting its name out in front of law firms and prospective students. Hopefully the new leadership will move things in the same directions.

I had the pleasure of taking "Products Liability" with Dean Twerski. (Trust me the pleasure truly was all mine.) Twerski brought scholarship, knowledge and a unique style to teaching the subject. Generous with his time, he could explain the most arcane concepts ( Res ipsa loquitur anyone?) and make it come alive. Noted for his ability to strategize trials and more importantly pre trial techniques, He was sought out by the best Civil defense firms in the country. Many of my collegues benefited from the law firms he was able to attract to the school.

When he left to go to Brooklyn, a large part of the Hofstra Law heart went with him. Moreover, when he returned two years ago, there was an immediate electrical charge that went through the alumni students and staff.

In his letter to the Alumni, Dean Twerski cites his recent quadruple bypass and the commute from his Hassidic community home in Brooklyn for his decision to leave. It is amazingly sad that a man with so much "heart" could be felled by his own.
In his letter, he says that "I will always take pride that I was able to b part of (Hofstra Law's) glorious history..." In fact, it is we, the alumni and students as well as the faculty, staff, and Administration, that will always take pride and be thankful for the fact that you are part of our History, and our lives.

"Zol zayn mit mazel" Professor, and may G-d bless you and your family.
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