Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our February Newsletter Is Now Available

Our Newsletter (written by the good folks at Findlaw) is available by clicking this link.This months edition features the rights defendants have in criminal cases.
Here is my introduction:
The Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori & Associates wishes you a Happy New Year!!
We are proud to distribute the Criminal Defense E- Newsletter each month to our friends and clients. This month's issue focuses on the Rights of A Person Accused of a Crime. The Criminal Trial is compelling and interesting but fraught with twists and turns. Criminal trials are very complex and should only be handled by the most experienced of attorneys. A conviction for a crime carries with it potential jail, loss of income, business and not the least, loss of reputation.

Civil penalties can cost a party loss of their home and valuables. Other collateral consequences of a conviction could result in the client's deporation or force the client to permanently have to register with the state. It can even keep a client from living in certain towns or villages. It can result in a judicial order keeping convicted people from their children. It could result in the loss of their professional license as well as a loss of one's driving privileges depending what the case is about.

Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Courts are sending more and more business people to prison for longer periods of time than ever before. Moreover, the person convicted of a crime is often denied employment and other opportunities including the right to pursue a career in Law, medicine or public accounting. State laws have toughened recently as well, with more mandatory minimum jail sentences and an increase in jail as a whole.

Our office has successfully defended many cases involving allegations of crime. We have also been in the forefront of law firms that seek remedies for those unfairly or falsely convicted. We are very adept at working on the investigation of criminal cases. Click the link for information on Where to call if your loved one is under arrest in NY or on Long Island. Please visit our web site for more information on Fraud, and Criminal Defense or to contact us by clicking on this link

Hope you will enjoy this edition of the Newsletter of the Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori and Associates PLLC
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