Saturday, March 22, 2008

Learning To Persuade From Barack Obama

Learning to speak effectively is the number one need of the trial lawyer. Let's face it, what makes most of us want to become trial lawyers is the opportunity to convince others of our positions. As we travel through college and law school, we realize public speaking may not be our forte or even something we like. Many of us go to other areas of the law that assures that the will never have to appear in a courtroom much less before a jury.

There are however easy to learn traits of good speakers that can turn even the worst of us into at least capable trial lawyers. In his article "Speech Lessons From Obama" in The Daily Report, Joey Archer president of Speechworks talks about three things that make Presidential candidate Barack Obama a successful speaker.

I am not endorsing Barack for POTUS, but I have to admit his speeches move me. While it is really unlikely I will support him, I can understand his appeal. In many ways a team of Obama and John Edwards would be a speech making cannon hard for Sen. McCain to beat back no matter who he choses as a running mate.

For those of you too lazy to click on the links, Archer focuses on Obama's ability to passionately deliver simple messages, interdispersed with personal stories which make him more "real" to average people.

I would add that Obama speaks very diliberately and his pace is very important. His use of emphasis is particularly important. While it is harder to use this technique on the fly, most of us can hold onto key words and phrases which bring home our message in a memorable way.

Take a look at the article, What techniques have you found to be helpful in becoming a more effective speaker?
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