Friday, March 28, 2008

Yeager Is Allowed to See His Daughter : Half a Loaf is Better Than None I Guess

Well, I guess the pressure a point. I am told that Yacie Yaeger got to see her father one last time for a half hour yesterday. He was briefly given a visit...a half hour to visit with her. Seems that the Warden was deluged with calls.

As for me, I'm sorry, but really is it so hard to be compassionate? Furlough the guy so he can stay at the bed round the clock. Let him come back when she is buried. If she somehow goes into remission then send him back. It is a federal prison camp, he is a low level drug addict who has a good prison record and is due for a halfway house near the family in less than 5 months. While he is out, he can wear an ankle bracelet he can go to and from home to the hospital.

This is not a big deal to the criminal justice system other than the black eye it takes for looking petty. Why do the people in BOP have to be so hard hearted that it makes average Americans wonder how they got to be wardens???

This has been the problem with Bush and his concept of Compassionate Conservatism. He is rarely compassionate, and when he is, it always seems like he can't make the commitment. He gives us a half of a loaf. Just once I would like to feel like they gave away the store.
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