Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wow What a Summer, (And It Is Not Even Half Over)

When I last left you, I was sad that Debra Jean Paltrow decided to end her life. I think it was a permanent solution to what was a temporary problem. I also thought her prosecution (not to mention her conviction) was a monumental waste of taxpayers time and money not to mention personnel resources.

So then what happened?? All hell broke loose That is what happened.

In chronological order:
1. I became involved to represent the driver in this very sad case. (The Griffin Case)
2. I was a judge at the National Catholic Forensic League Grand Championships in The Fox Cities area of Wisconsin.
3. The Nassau County DWI Wall of Shame went up.
4. I started representing Rabbi Morris Talansky, who is a really nice guy getting slammed unfairly in the foreign press (and by the NY Tabloids too but what else is new.)
5. I started the Murder Trial of Ronald "Shorts" Rodriguez.
6. The District Attorney of Nassau decided that I might beat her in the aforementioned Griffin case so she began "Poisoning the Jury Pool" with outrageous remarks that show her lack of maturity and her lack of fitness for the office she holds.
7. A nut job in the gallery of the courtroom during the Rodriguez trial, jumped up and attacked Shorty and me (he was aiming for Shorty, I was just collateral damage) which caused a 2.5 day break in the trial, and pointed out to all of us in Nassau County that we need to take more precautions to safeguard our trial courts (Hint Hint, it is time to build a new and safer annex to the county court.)
8. After one of the toughest trials I have ever been involved with, Ronald "Shorts" Rodriguez was ACQUITTED of Murder in the second degree (Intentional Murder) Manslaughter in the 1st degree (Intentionally causing injury that results in death through the use of Deadly Physical Force) and was convicted of the non-violent crime of Manslaughter in the 2d degree (recklessly causing the death of another) and possession of a weapon 3rd degree. (Sentencing is scheduled for September.)

9. In addition, the economy tanked, you can no longer afford to fill a gas tank without a loan, and it is Obama v. McCain but look out for BARR to play a spoiler unless McCain starts to comeback to his roots.


10. I was cited as a blogging lawyer in an article at Get LEGAL.COM

11. I am building a new website (the old one is down and I have a static place holder there right now but wait until) NEXT month.

I will be posting on these topics and a few other things too over the next few weeks. Sorry for being away too long, but I just can't seem to write when I am in trial.

Corrections: Spell checked and links added.
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