Monday, January 05, 2009

Where the Hell is the Change Barack??? : Cabinet Choices are all Clinton Retreads

Short post:

Is it me or is the "Change President" who promised to bring new faces and ideas to Washington just bringing back the same old Democrats we tossed out for 8 years of Bushies (who were just old retreads of his father's failed administration.

Let's see we have

Eric Holder for Attorney General, deputy Attorney General in the Clinton Administration. RETREAD. I like Eric, but come on he is hardly a fresh breath of air.

Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Uh the former first lady... Need we say more?

Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary, I like Richardson. He is a fellow Jumbo. He is still a Clinton retread, former UN ambassador and Energy Secretary under "Uncle Bill."

UPDATE: Gov. Richardson has withdrawn from consideration.

Rahm Emanuel- Chief of Staff- Former Clinton Sr. Advisor on Policy and Strategy.

Leon Panetta for CIA- Clinton's Chief of Staff.

Where is the change?
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