Thursday, January 02, 2014

It's Amateur Night!: 34 Arrested For DWI In Nassau And Suffolk Counties

I have all kinds of trouble with DWI laws. For starters they are based on bad science. Secondly they are arbitrary. I have driven behind someone who blew a .24 on a breath test and then drove for an hour better than the so called sober people in Nassau and Queens County. I have a problem with any numeric crime based on faulty science determining if someone ought to be arrested without that person doing something wrong. (We are talking about checkpoint arrests where the only "crime" is the the breath test reading). I get tired of the "bleed em and plead em" mentality of much of the bar and the entire DA's office. I hate how DWIs have destroyed the Fourth Amendment and the laws of Evidence. Mostly I hate how it destroys people who are convicted of the crime. It is what I call "stupid crime" as there is absolutely no upside to it.

Nevertheless, it is New Year Eve. Every cop on Long Island is looking to make DWI arrests. By now you ought to know that if you are one hundred and fifty (150lbs.) pounds, you are impaired by alcohol after 2.5 drinks in 2 hours. Please tell me how you get arrested for DWI? You really have to be clueless.

In a number of these cases, people were killed or badly maimed. How hard is this really? If you are drinking, Don't Drive!! Find a designated driver, take a cab or a limo. Take Mass Transit. Stay HOME!!

Amateurs. Really.

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