Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday News Dump: Obama Justice Dept. Will Ask SCOTUS to Support Marriage Equality

Good news for civil rights advocates, the Justice Dept. Civil Division through the Solicitor General's office will urge the Supreme Court to grant full marriage rights to all adults. From where I sit this is good news for a bunch of reasons. 
1. While I prefer the government to stay out of the whole marriage business, if they are going to grant privileges to people who contractually agree to live with each other and potentially raise families, then those rights and privileges should be available across the board. 
2. Additionally, there are personal rights that are denied a non married partner that that can and has caused great emotional pain and which are just unfair .i.e. When families reject a homosexual or transgendered person, and that person begins a life with someone else but then gets sick and dies, the family will often step in and bar the partner from seeing their loved one in the hospital or in deciding anything about the funeral etc.
3. Every time we expand privileges to others, we protect our own and we encourage further assimilation. I already do not see people based on thieir skin tone or sexuality I don't look at somebody and say "see that black gay guy over there?" I simply say "see that fellow over there in the red sweater".  When we begin to stop seeing the things that make us physically different, we can believe that prejudice is dying. 

I don't say this often (and for good reason) but "Bully for you Mr. Obama!"

Hattip: Brian Williams NBC Nightly News.
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