Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Let's Play "News, Not News, Fake News"!

Okay Team, I am getting really tired of all the Bullshit that people get nuts about. Some is actual news, some while true, isn't really news and of course some stories are pure fabrication or so devoid of the truth that it is...well, fake. 

Here is how we play:
1 present a story from some "news site" or some body's twitter/Facebook feed, you tell me if it is News, not news, or Fake News I give the answers at the end. 

Here is an example: the Holocaust never happened.
Answer : FAKE news.

If the story has some kernel of truth  it is not news it is fake news

Since it is my blog, My say is final, but YOU can make a case for your answer in the comments section. Got it? Good let's start:

1. Trump's budget is going to deprive Senior citizens and others services of "Meals on Wheels".

2. Trump Fired Comey because, Comey would not swear allegiance to Trump personally.

3. Trump may have fired FBI Director Comey because he would not stop investigating Flynn.

4. The AHAC (a/k/a "Trumpcare") will cause millions to lose their health insurance

5. The AHAC  repealed Obamacare, 

6.Trump exposed secret intell to the Russians.

7 Trump refuses to read his foreign policy and intelligence Riefenstahl reports.

8. Trump gets 2 (THAT'S 2) scoops of ice cream for dessert, everyone else only gets one!

9.The size of President Trump's inauguration audience was less than President Obama's

10. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for ____________ 9fill in the blank


1. Fake News
2. Not News
3. News
4. Fake News
5. Fake news
6. Not News
7. News
8.Not News
9. Not news
10. Definitely Not News.

Disagree? Let's here why in the comments below.
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