Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017: RememberingWhy We Remember.

Our freedom and our lives were and are preserved by those that served our country in War and Peace as Soldiers Sailors Airmen and Marines.
Their efforts and their lives were spent in service of not just a nation, but an ideal. That all men are created equal, that rights of man are derived from a higher power, but protected by our brave military, that we are a nation of Laws not men, that we are united in the goal of being one nation, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all.
Now so many years later we need to not just remember those that died for those ideals, but we need to remember the ideals themselves.
As I watch my feed here and on Twitter or listen to the national debate, I wonder, is this an America worth dying for? Are these Americans worth defending? Sadly, more and more, the answer is no. 

America, indivisible, with freedom and justice for All. If you are not working toward that goal, then today is just a day at the beach. If you want an America that is strong and united, then what we have been doing the last 24 years is not .
It is time to ask yourself, would you risk the life of your child for the thing for which you are fighting.

Would you risk their life for your full SS Payment? For more benefits for the poor? Would you risk their lives to get bigger tax breaks for the top 1 or even Top 20%? Would you risk their lives for a death penalty? Next time you vote, ask yourself, would I be willing to risk my child's life for the programs, policies, AND character of the person for whom I am voting? If not, is that really the right vote for me? 

There are things, worth asking the men and women of our military to die for, everything else should be open to compromise. 
So celebrate the men and women who fought for our ideals, our safety and our nation, but do not forgetthem tomorrow. Tomorrow start asking yourself about what is so important that you would put your child's life at risk and conduct yourself accordingly.
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