Monday, September 29, 2008 Legal Guides: A Few Quick Articles to Help You Navigate the Legal System

I have been publishing legal guides at I thought I would give you a way to link to my Publications there and also link you to some good articles by others on offers two types of Legal Guides. The easiest to publish is the How to Guide. I have published a couple of those.
You can find out How to Determine Your USSG Criminal Sentencing Guideline in what was my first Practice Guide.

You can learn How to Help a Friend Who is Arrested in the Middle of the Night. (Actually any time.)

Then I wrote an article entitled How To Conduct Yourself When Involved in a Car Accident

My Latest Legal Guide for is entitled Understanding New York Statutory Rape Laws: The Age of Consent

Periodically I will update you on other guides I am publishing, and will feature a few guides that others have written. Take a look at these, I think you will learn a lot.
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