Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Texting While Driving: A Law That Makes Sense, A Statement I May Come to Regret.

If you text and drive in Suffolk County NY (and soon in Nassau County too) you will get stopped by police and given a very expensive ticket. One Hundred Fifty Dollars to be exact.

Unlike the cell phone ban while driving which I am basically against, this bill makes sense. I am guilty of it, and I probably will be again although I am trying to break the habit. It makes sense because it requires way too much of the driver's attention to successfully send text messages. OTOH, maybe it is time for Cell phone makers to invent a cell phone that converts voice into text messages... It would be safer and infact the technology exists. The big problem with text messaging is that it requires that the text sender look at the screen to perform the various tasks necessary to send the text. Unlike the phone call which can be programmed, the text message needs you to choose the option to test add the person you want to text and after typing out the message send the message. It also requires the sender to read responses.

As a police official points out, the proof of texting leaves a trail and that makes it easy to prove. More importantly, given the speed people drive at and the damage that can happen in such a short time, this law makes eminent sense. I will be working hard to break this habit before I hurt someone or me.

Texting while driving... DON'T DO IT!!

Hattip: The Gothamist
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