Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The "Divorce Hotline"Blog: It's A Good Read.

My friend and fellow blogger Janine Barbera is blogging over at the Divorce Hotline. She has a really well written blog. It isn't just about divorce. It's about adoption and Long Island and good resturants and just life in general. Janine started writing her blog to drum up business. I believe in time that will happen, but in breaking the rules about a business blog, (Thou shall not write about personal feelings [as opposed to opinions]in your business blog) Janine has really found an interesting voice. She is a career attorney, balancing life and law, business building and home building, Divorce and Family law, and telling us all about it.

I find her posts wonderfully done and strongly urge you to stop off at her blog and take a minute or two out to enjoy a special new voice in the legal blogging community. Like my friend Scheherazade I think there is a real story in what Janine is writing. I recommend you to her.

And while I am at it, check out Stay of Execution too, I think you'll really enjoy it. I know I do.
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