Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Look At What's Making News Around The Blogosphere

Everyday I cull through about 50 blawgs. Many lead to interesting articles in newspapers throughout the country. Often I save them up in the futile hope that I will find the time to comment or write about the topics contained therein. Well so much for that. Anyway, here is what is filling up my feedsbox:

Seems like we have a homegrown solution to the important issue of Port Security. According to this article, a company out of Southern California has developed a screening method that is being tested in the second largest port in the world...HONG KONG.
Seems that we have been more interested in putting personnel at the ports shipping into the US and less in screening what actually hits our shores. Not anymore!. Seems Homeland Security Head Chertoff is onto this one. I like Chertoff in that job. (Don't get to excited it doesn't mean I will agree with him on everything I just think that of the potential candidates, I like him most.)On the other hand, he cannot afford another tragic mess like Katrina. IF he could jump on this and IF it worked (ie. It actually detected something bad trying to come in, or better helped us to find the idiot who sent it) it could be a real homerun for the former Judge.
Hat tip to: Sabrina at Be Spacific.

Holy Cow Batman!! LAPD has a new 21 century toy that might help them avoid high speed chases. Evidentially as they are chasing you they shoot a dart containing a GPS monitor into your vehicle and track it electronically. No more worrying about the bad guys getting to far away. Story at this post with a link to the newspaper article. Go GO Gadget Tools!!

Planning a Cruise on the high seas? Better read this post Both this and the note above are brought to you courtesy of the Crim Prof Blog guys. (Think we will drive to Hawaii this summer.)

Next time someone talks to you about how the liberals want to make our country unsafe by all their complainant about spying and reading e-mails etc, make them read this post. Now maybe some of you who question my conservative cred will understand why I can be rabidly libertarian when it comes to the Bill of Rights. Chilling. Especially when juxtaposed next to this warning from the recently retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner (it's in the last paragraph.)

And just for those of you who think O'Conner is "yelling fire in the crowded movie theater", think again. Our friends in the NYPD are keeping us safe from lawful protesters by doing all kinds of illegal things as noted by our colleague Sui Generis at this post.

Remember the words of Ben Franklin: People who give up Freedom for Security do not get security and don't deserve Freedom.
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