Monday, March 20, 2006

First They Came For The Drunks And I Said Nothing Because I Was Not A Drunk: Is DWI Enforcement Destroying Our Civil Rights?

Our brother blogger Lawrence Taylor of DWI Blog is extensively quoted in an article in this week's Sunday Boston Globe entitled "Over the Legal Limit". The article talks about the creeping streak of cases (like Stitz v. Michigan which upholds DWI Roadblocks)in DWI litigation that is carving out an exception to the Fourth Amendment known as the public safety exception. I wonder if Alexander Hamilton or James Madison knew that there were exceptions to God-given rights? Ben Franklin would probably wonder how diminishing freedom from illegal search and seizure would ensure the publics safety.
John Wesly Hall (blog here) weighs in on the continued diminution of the protections of the Fourth Amendment as well. It is a chilling article, especially when you realize that MSM (main stream media) has not been particularly vocal on these issues.
Hat tip " How Appealing.
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