Thursday, March 30, 2006

Give A Drunk Some caffeine, And You Have A Wide Awake Drunk...

I am not sure where to post this one. It is appropriate for both blogs;this one and the our sister site (Long Island (Criminal) Trial Law. I decided to put it here because the lesson it teaches High School students and their families. I will provide a link to this post or just summarize its contents over there.

Newsday is saying that Red Bull energy drink mixed with alcohol, gives users a false sense of security. In fact it makes it more dangerous because it takes away the feeling of being drunk without restoring any of the muscular or psycho-motor skills that make driving safe. You get less of a hangover but just as much slurred speech difficulty walking and dizziness. In other words you're still a menace on the road.

In reality this makes the drunk driver on Red Bull even more dangerous. The young driver who does not feel drunk takes the greatest risks and poses the greatest danger. Worse yet, because they don't feel drunk, people wanting to get drunk increase their risk for alcohol poisoning as they try to get the full buzz effect.

If you are going to drink and drive, know your limit... Oh, and don't mix your alcohol with an energy drink either.
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