Sunday, May 07, 2006

Even For Iraq, This Is An Outrage

There is so much I want to say about this outrage that I am speechless.
I want to get this out, because it has barely been reported in the US MSM outlets.

Reporting however seems to be such a little gesture. I do not want to fall into the part of me that questions whether anyone raised in a culture that can believe that God approves of this cruelty can ever be part of a world community. Neither do I want to be an apologist or think that this is a minority of Muslims. It may be a minority, but it is a big minority. I will not agree with the guy from the London Times who in part lays this off as an atrocity resulting from three years of war, because this garbage has been going on in the middle east for years.

I am not only shocked because they treated a woman this way, because the treatment of a man would be just as inhumanely sick. I am not judging this by Western standards. I believe there is one God. I am told by my Muslim friends, that it is the same God for them as for me. It cannot be. My God does not countenance this from anyone. There is no way that Mohammad could claim to be from the same line of prophets as Moses, John and Jesus. Not if He preached this type of terror, not if He said words that could lead anyone to this naturally.

The next question is: what do we do about it? How does it effect our foreign and war policy. Should it? Do we have the backbone to stick this out much longer? Do we have any ability to change this way of thinking in 5 10 or 25 years? This concept of murder as a Godly thing is ingrained in over 1000 years of teaching. On the other hand, can we live in an ever increasingly tight knit world where this is allowed and even fostered, hoping that they will just kill themselves out?

Is it possible to isolate these people, with the proliferation of nuclear arms and WMD? Do we encourage a change in our whole concept of thinking about freedom and the nature of man because of a rouge interpretation of a religious document?

Are we doing better in Afghanistan than we are in Iraq? It seems so, but why?

Questions abound. Answers are few. Reporting is all I can do today. I feel very inadequate.
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