Wednesday, May 31, 2006

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE :Trial Attorney Kidnapped at Gun Point in Alabama IS FOUND

A heroic rescue of Sandra Eubank Gregory by Birmingham (AL) Police today at 5:30pm. I have no details other than the man gave up peacefully and the lawyer is alive. Police tracked Ms. Gregory's ATM card and found it was used 3 times during the day in areas around Birmingham Alabama. That helped narrow the area they had to search. They then found the SUV and did a quick canvass. They found Sandra in a Comfort Inn "conscious and upset"

Sandra Eubank Gregory age 34, a family law lawyer from Birmingham Alabama was kidapped on camera from in front of her apartment.
The getaway car is a silver Lexus SUV with a license plate number IC4850G check out the video and if you see this woman or the man in the black pants and white or striped shirt and white tennis shoes who took Sandra please call 911 immediately.

Sandra was last scene wearing a red tank top with capri pants and silver earings. Now further details but CNN is tracking the story on their website and on the news.
Our prayers are with her and her family.
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