Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dear Judge Sorkin: Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath

I just returned from a sad trip to the X-Judge Blog. I was sad because Judge Sarokin had both turned off his comments and had responded to the negatives hurled at him since starting his blog this month.

Sarokin has had a brilliant career as a jurist and has also had his share of controversy. I (and a number of other Bloggers) think it is really "cool" to have his voice on the blogosphere. We knew he was in for the kind of jostling he would never have seen had he stayed protected on the bench. I hoped he could take it because what he has to say to us as citizens and lawyers is important. The possibility of having the kind of exchange you can only have on the blogosphere was tantalizing.

Like every good wife, Mrs. Sorkin warned him about what might happen if he lent his voice and opinion to the rest of us. The Judge is without a doubt correct about the lack of etiquette by bloggers on the political fringes. He is, in fact, right about the way public discourse has plummeted into name calling. I have been guilty of it myself. Nevertheless, Judge, DO NOT STOP BLOGGING and do not stifle the idiots by cutting off comments. Yes, learn how to monitor the comments so that vulgarity and defamation are not on your blog, but let the idiots roar. No need to roar back unless you enjoy it, but most of all, do not let it stifle your voice, or the idiots have won.

Judge, you may never see this post, I have no way to contact you, but I hope you will continue to engage in the discourse in the World's new "Town Square." I hope you will not fade away. The service you give now, as you enter the end of your career, is probably more difficult to sustain than any that you have previously encountered. It is also among the most important.
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