Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dennis Kennedy Bestows A Blawggie on That Lawyer Dude!!!

This is a real honor for me. To begin, an article in The ABA's Law Practice Management magazine by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, was the inspiration of this blog. Tom and Dennis had pointed out the trend and I wanted to be ahead of it. I was and it helped my practice nearly immediately. Later, I had the pleasure of serving on a panel with Dennis in Las Vegas and a close friendship was begun. Even so I take Dennis at his word in awarding me his honor, especially since he is also close to the other two bloggers he was considering for the award.

Secondly the award is named for the writer of one of my favorite blogs. Sherry Fowler is an honest voice and she can move you to tears. She ended her blog "Stay of Execution" last week. She has begun a new blog titled "Stay" which is dedicated to short posts. I will miss her longer posts however.

Finally I am awed by the company Dennis thrusts me into. Ernest Svenson has been cited on my blogs a couple of times (Here and here) Ernie also has one of the great Blogger handles "Ernie The Attorney" which is also the name of his wonderful solo blog. Ernie is not just a lawyer who is teaching or giving an opinion he is a reporter. He has been sending posts on the slow recovery on New Orleans. In fact if I were giving the award I would have given it to him again this year. (I am not however willing to give it back Ernie.) As for Denise Howell (who along with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Svenson is another member of the Between Lawyers team) Hell, she Coined the phrase BLAWG!! Her Blawg by the way is a combination of information about intellectual property and law firm life. It is also an honest read and a really well written blog.

Here are the rest of Dennis Kennedy's winners:
Here is what Dennis said about the award he bestowed upon this blog:

8. The Sherry Fowler Best Writing on a Legal Blog Award - Anthony Colleluori's That Lawyer Dude

I'm a big fan of the pure writing ability of some of the best legal bloggers. I named this award after the legal blogger who had the biggest influence on my blog writing Sherry "Scheherezade" Fowler, who just ended her blog, Stay of Execution, one of the important blogs in the history of legal blogging, to start a new blog called "Stay." Ernest "Ernie the Attorney" Svenson won this award in 2005 and could have easily done so again with his great posts on post-Katrina New Orleans. However, the blogger whose writing really grabbed me this year was Tony Collelulori at That Lawyer Dude. After meeting Tony, I always describe him as having a heart of gold. That comes through in his writing and his writing often has an emotionally compelling quality that you don't often see. Some of his posts make me think about them for days - they grab you. Here’s the recent post that clinched this award. His analytical posts are great, but his personal essays are the highlights of his blog. If you are not reading Tony's blog, you should be. Runners-up in this category - Ernest Svenson and Denise Howell.

Here's a list of Dennis's Blawggie winners:

I. List of 2006 Blawggie Award Categories and Winners.

1. Best Overall Law-Related Blog - Marty Schwimmer's The Trademark Blog
2. Best Overall Law Practice Management Blog - Tom Collins' More Partner Income
3. The Marty Schwimmer Best Practice-Specific Legal Blog - Evan Schaeffer's The Illinois Trial Lawyer Weblog
4. Best Legal Blog Category - Law Librarian Blogs and Canadian Law-related Blogs (Tie)
5. Best Legal Blog Digest - Stark County Law Library Blog and Bob Ambrogi's and Carolyn Elefant's Law.com Inside Opinions (Tie)
6. Best Blawg About Legal Blawgging - Kevin O'Keefe's Real Lawyers Have Blogs
7. Best Legal Podcast - Bob Ambrogi's and Craig Williams' Coast to Coast Podcast
8. The Sherry Fowler Best Writing on a Legal Blog Award - Tony Colleluori's That Lawyer Dude
9. Best Law Professor Blog - Tung Yin's The Yin Blog
10. Best New Law-related Blog - Peter Lattman's WSJ.com Law Blog and Adriana Linares' I Heart Tech (Tie)
11. Best Legal Technology Blog - DennisKennedy.Blog

Go to his post for their links and for his reasoning.

To end, Dennis has challenged us to name our own favorite blogs and give them awards and recognition. He is right. Being listed on a blog roll is nice but being told what works for me and why is a more important thing. Hence, I will be naming those that That Lawyer Dude Selects, later in the week.
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