Sunday, December 03, 2006

SCOTUS Takes Up The "Bong Hits For Jesus" Case

I have recently had to put Long Island (Criminal)Trial Law on hiatus because I am trying to overhaul it to be a more useful (and a more regularly written)blog. In the new year I am hoping that LI(C)TL becomes a group blog and that my writing there is a little more educational. Anyway, a few months ago I wrote a pretty long post there about a case out of the Ninth Circuit (Juneau School Board v. Fredericks formerly known as Fredericks v. Morse)It is better known as the "Bong Hits For Jesus Case."

Seems the "Supremes" are going to get involved in deciding the case. That should be interesting. I originally thought the case came up with the right decision but for the wrong reason. You can read the post cited above for the case facts and for my analysis. The story about the decision to accept the case at the SCOTUS is here

Another interesting sidelight is that former Whitewater Prosecutor Kenneth Starr has taken up the mantle of the school district's "right" to interfere with the speech. Too bad President Clinton was disbarred, he could have argued the case for Fredericks and this could have been an even wilder story.
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