Friday, April 25, 2008

Breaking News: Cops Acquitted of ALL CHARGES in SEAN BELL MURDER CASE

This just in. I saw this as a possibility. Queens NY Supreme Court Justice Arthur Cooperman hands the Defense a full acquittal in the murder of Shawn Bell.

Cooperman has always been considered a law-enforcement judge but the defense did a wonderful job in attacking the witnesses.

The verdict doesn't put an end to the legal suit which is filed against the officers.

More later.


The Court asked for dignity and decorum. The courtroom was ringed with almost 40 court Officeers. The Bell family was said to be stunned and Nicole Paultry-Bell was most upset. As Cooperman gave the verdict she allegedly stood and said I'm out of here.

Cooperman said he took into account the witnesses criminal background and the differing accounts of the witnesses and decided the state just did not make their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Cooperman just did not credit the testimony of Bell's friends because in large part they had criminal records.

He also credited the officers who testified who had clean records and no allegations of abuse.

Pretty interesting but not unexpected decision... see my prediction here. I said this was a strong possibility but I thought he would find the main shooter guilty of a crime that he could get probation on...

Court said this was a careless act and not reckless... carelessness is not a crime...

I better stick to law, I am not that good a prognosticator.
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