Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The "Mouse" in the House is a "Rat": Disney Flogs Cyrus and Lebowitz While Selling Sleaze Abroad

Disney jumped all over poor Miley Cyrus and celebrity photog Annie Leibowitz for taking pictures of Cyrus while her upper body was under a silk sheet and her back was exposed. Religious Righters who must make up a majority of Disney stockholders and allegedly the parents of Hannah Montana fans, completely forgetting their youth, freaked out over pictures that wouldn't steam up the windows of a hot house. All the while these Disney guys were selling underwear by laying a 12-13 year old model wearing nothing but a bra and panties on a BILLBOARD in China... Freaking hypocrites. As usual Disney was Shocked Shocked that a local distributor would do such a thing... but of course the Disney rep couldn't help but account for differences in cultures because China has a 14 year old age of consent as opposed to 16 here in the states... Check this out and read more in Slate. I think I smell a Rat...
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