Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hillary Wants to Tax the Gasoline Industry... How about you just work to cut spending and stop taxing the gasoline???

Gosh it isn't hard to figure out why democrats rarely have a sound economic policy. They hate people who are successful...

Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton wants to put a windfall profit tax on petroleum companies because they have figured out how to make a profit no matter what the price of gasoline is...

Well so much for being rewarded to do your job.

Look Hillary a few facts. Corporations exist to make money for the people who own them. They are not here to loose money or to make life easier on Americans or especially American Politicians. It is a good thing that these companies make money for their owners. As a result of them making money, people want to INVEST in them so they can make money too. The companies then take the investments and put them toward new ideas some of which may turn out to be pretty good.

Instead of stripping profits from the companies, charge them with using the money they are making on higher fuel prices to explore new and better ways to end our addiction to oil. See Hill darlin' if you take the profits away, people won't fund the companies, then these companies will not have the money to figure out new ways to break us off of foreign oil. IF there is no growth in an industry it dies. WE can't afford that. We need these companies to be here to do the things they do that help us keep the oil companies in check and not profiteer on our misfortune.

Look I know oil companies are low hanging fruit, and when it comes to low hanging fruit, you and Bill are the best. Economic policy needs people who understand the concepts of supply and demand as well as other economic theories. With this idea, you show you are not up to that task.

So if you really want to help the American consumer both in the store and in the future,
CUT THE FEDERAL and State sales taxes on Fuel, and keep encouraging the oil companies to use the profits they are getting to continue to research alternate fuel sources.

My two cents.
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