Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hannah Montana NUDE??? What Is The Big Deal with the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Photos??

The Today program is trying to tell parents how to "Deal" with the Photos of Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair. GIVE ME A BREAK.

First off, give me a break. The photos do not rise to PG-13. If no one said anything about it most under the age of 15 would never have known she was in there.

Secondly, you gotta be kidding me. With the advent of Cellphones with cameras and webcams these photo's by one of America's top fashion photographers are both beautiful and benign. Seeing all the fuss about them, I was startled to find out that Miley, draped in a white sheet and showing her naked back would have any effect on a teen or pre-teen in Nassau or Suffolk County, much less New York City.

Then I was worried about my becoming too jaded. That was until my saint-like wife said that she too was amazed at the fuss and didn't see anything wrong with the pictures.

Now I am wondering if this wasn't a wonderful ploy by Cyrus or even Disney to bring some controversy to the show and to her career and prepare her for the next step in her becoming a star post her Hannah Montana gig.

After all with Spears, Aguillara, Lohan, and Hugedens among others, does anyone still believe the Disney ingenue is really all that chase?? In another 3 years, look for the new boyfriend to have cellphone pictures that will make people's hair stand on end. Maybe if we paid less attention to this stuff it would have no effect at all.

Am I that out of touch?
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